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Mini-Thread Lifting



What are Mini-Threads?


Mini-threads (or PDO threads as they are sometimes referred to), are very fine filaments which are inserted under the surface of the skin, using ultra fine needles. These threads are made from a material similar to that used by plastic surgeons as absorbable sutures. Over a period of time, the threads dissolve, stimulating the skin to produce a rod of collagen in their place. Numerous threads are inserted into the targeted areas of the face (if desired the entire face can be covered in the same therapy session), forming an interlocking lattice-like network. Therefore, as they dissolve, a collagen skeleton is formed under the skin in their place, which pulls on the skin, thus reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles and creases, and giving the skin a healthier, more youthful overall appearance.

What can Mini-Threads be Used for?


Based on their mechanism of action, mini-threads are renowned for their subtle, natural-looking, long-lasting, therapeutic results. They can be used to reduce the appearance of: fine facial wrinkles and creases; smoker’s lines around the lips; and forehead creases/frown lines, as an excellent adjuvant to botox therapy.

What Makes us Different?


         We only use high quality, CE marked, Swiss-made, mini-threads.


         We map the treated area very carefully using skin-marker pencils and we use specific numbers of threads, carefully inserted into each area, to achieve your desired result.


       Your comfort is very important to us and thus, we use the most effective methods of pain relief to best target the area of the face that is being treated. Furthermore, we always use the thinnest needles possible for the type of thread being inserted.


        We use our thorough knowledge of facial anatomy and skin physiology to carefully select each and every treatment site (including the calibre and the length of the thread used), leading to a more desirable outcome.


        We allocate generous time slots for all of our therapies, enabling us to thoroughly explain the procedure, take detailed medical history and most importantly, to listen to all of your needs and expectations and to advise you on the best possible ways to achieve your desired effects. Furthermore, we take your aftercare very seriously; we always provide detailed instructions regarding how to get the most out of your treatment.



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