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Body Mesotherapy



What is Mesotherapy?


The word mesotherapy quite simply means treatment through directly injecting substances into the sub-cutaneous layers i.e. under the skin. Since its inception, a lot of uses have been advocated for this procedure, however we believe that the two most effective uses for this treatment are; to assist with the treatment of cellulite and stubborn fatty deposits (body mesotherapy); and the rejuvenation and revitalisation of the face and upper neck (facial mesotherapy).

What can Body Mesotherapy be Used for?


Improvement in the appearance of cellulite: There have been several hypotheses regarding the causes of cellulite development. One such theory proposes that the microcirculation in this area (responsible for delivering nutrients and removing waste products) is not adequate. This is thought to affect the metabolism of the adipose (fat cells) leading to their lumpy/dimply appearance.



We follow a three-pronged approach for treating cellulite: we aim to act on each of the following; the skin, the fat and the underlying muscle.


  1. The skin: the physical entry of the needle through the skin, coupled with the tight injection grid used, leads to the stimulation of collagen production, which ultimately leads to the tightening of the overlying skin.

  2. The fatty layer: the injected substance (which is in very small amounts), enhances the local microcirculation. Furthermore, the cream that we apply after the injection also enhances the microcirculation further, improving nutrient delivery and waste product removal.

  3. The muscle layer: we recommend three very specific exercises which can all be performed at home, in order to increase the strength and the tone of the underlying muscle layer.


This three-pronged approach provides much more pronounced results than any single approach in isolation.

What Makes us Different?


         Your comfort is very important to us and therefore we use the thinnest and shortest needle available on the market for this particular therapy (this greatly reduces the pain sensation and accurately controls the depth of the injection).


         Our very own three-pronged approach, along with free nutritional advice, has achieved very high success rates amongst our clients.


        The body mesotherapy market is inundated with products which are not officially approved (some of those products are even categorised as homeopathic remedies and some practitioners even mix up their own mesotherapy injection cocktails!). We only use CE marked products which are specifically approved for injection mesotherapy.


        We use our thorough knowledge of anatomy and skin physiology to carefully select each and every injection site leading to a more desirable outcome.


       We allocate generous time slots for all of our therapies, enabling us to thoroughly explain the procedure, take detailed medical history and most importantly, to listen to all of your needs and expectations and to advise you on the best possible ways to achieve your desired effects. Furthermore, we take your aftercare very seriously; we always provide very detailed instructions about how to get the most out of your treatment.

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