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Chemical Peels

What are Chemical Peels?


Chemical peel treatments involve the application of weak acids onto the surface of the skin. This leads to the removal of the superficial layer of skin cells, revealing newer healthier layers (this has various applications as will be seen below). A commonly held misconception, which stems from their name, is that peels cause the skin to physically peel off! This is not the case, rather, chemical peels exert their effect in a very subtle way through deep exfoliation.

What can Chemical Peels be Used for?


Chemical peels have a variety of applications, including:


Treating acne and excessively oily skin (special acids are used for this particular purpose); treating superficial scars; treating areas of hyper-pigmentation, such as those caused by sun-damage or other types of photo-damage e.g. from sunbeds; or to just have generally healthier fresher looking skin. The type and strength of the acid used, as well as the amount and duration of application, depends on the purpose of the therapy.

What Makes us Different?


       As with all of our other treatments, we allocate generous time slots for the chemical peel. This allows us to thoroughly explain the procedure, take detailed medical history (which includes computerised skin analysis) and most importantly, to listen to all of your needs and expectations and to advise you on the best possible ways to achieve your desired effects.


      Rather than simply dabbing the chemical on and washing it off, we take our time at each and every step of this treatment to ensure maximum efficacy, coupled with greater comfort and safety. At the end of the day, although the acids used are relatively weak, they are still acids that are being applied onto the delicate skin of the face!


        We use our five-step approach in this treatment, each step of which has its own unique detail developed by us through years of clinical experience:

  1. Facial cleansing to remove make-up/oils/sweat/cell debris etc., using specifically selected, hydrating products that cleanse and nourish at the same time.

  2. A pre-peel is applied to further cleanse and prepare the skin for treatment.

  3. The selected peel is applied and as discussed above: the type and strength of acid used, as well as the amount (the number of layers applied and the duration of each layer) is specifically selected based on the purpose of your therapy. For maximum comfort, the layers are applied using ultra-soft sterile cotton pads, rather than rough gauze or coarse brushes.

  4. The next stage is neutralisation. While a lot of clinics just use tap-water (which in addition to containing irritant substances like chlorine, is not at all sterile) to wash the acid off, we follow a two-stage approach, using specifically designed, top-of-the-range, sterile, neutralising products. The neutralisation process is applied for as long as needed, until the acid is removed.

  5. Finally, we apply a gentle soothing and hydrating facial mask and a layer of sunblock, to protect your skin before you leave the clinic.

         As always, we take your aftercare very seriously, we provide you with very detailed instructions on how to get the most out of your treatment and just as importantly, on how to protect your skin in between the therapy sessions. This includes advice on your skincare regime, including cleansing, nourishing and protecting your skin through the use of the correct types of skincare products and make-up to suit your skin type. As we always emphasise, the quality of a product is in the ingredients and specificity to your individual skin, and not the price!!



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