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What is Dermaroller?


A dermaroller is a small hand-held device which is rolled over the skin of the body or face. The surface of the device is covered with numerous minute titanium needles, which cause small punctures in the skin as the device is rolled. The depth of the punctures is determined by the length of the needles. There are two categories of dermarollers; the home-use category which has only very short needles; and the clinician-only category, where the needles are much longer in comparison (don’t worry they are still very small!), enabling greater penetration into the deeper layers of the skin. As their name suggests, they are strictly for use by trained clinicians and are not allowed to be sold for home use.

What can Dermaroller be Used for?


The Dermaroller’s mechanism of action is based on the stimulation of collagen production. This happens in response to the numerous pin-prick holes that are made by the device, which the skin perceives as injurious stimuli, consequently reacting by forming more collagen which tightens the skin. Based on this effect, Dermarollers have various uses both in the face and body, including:


Scars: both intense acne scars and any other superficial scars on the body and face.


Décolletage (upper chest) lines and wrinkles.


Stretch marks on the abdomen, arms or legs.

What Makes us Different?


        We only use the highest quality dermarollers, which are all strictly for clinical use only. As discussed above, these cause deeper penetration leading to more visible effects.


         After facial dermaroller therapy, we apply a gentle, soothing and hydrating facial mask. We also apply a layer of sunblock cream to protect your skin before you leave the clinic so that you can carry on with the rest of your daily activities as normal.


         We use our thorough knowledge of anatomy and skin physiology to carefully select each and every treatment site leading to a more desirable outcome.


           We allocate generous time slots for all of our therapies, enabling us to thoroughly explain the procedure, take detailed medical history and most importantly, to listen to all of your needs and expectations and to advise you on the best possible ways to achieve your desired effects. Furthermore, we take your aftercare very seriously; we always provide very detailed instructions about how to get the most out of your treatment.

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